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Supporting people and communities where we work

We deliver additional ‘value for money’ in its widest sense by creating meaningful social, economic and environmental benefits in the places we work.

Our social value approach and commitment embrace social, economic, and physical sustainability meaningfully and create common threads that can be woven into the projects and services we help create and deliver. We work closely with local authorities and partners to fully understand the needs and requirements in their communities.

We are committed to benefitting local people in their communities by identifying challenges and opportunities we can work to create a positive impact. We focus on the key areas that matter most:

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Local economy

We always try to purchase goods and services from local businesses where possible. We also provide work opportunities for local residents.

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Developing the local workforce

We provide employees with new skills for the future through training and apprenticeships.

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Environmental sustainability

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment as a proud member of the Social Care Sustainability Alliance

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Community engagement

We volunteer and work with local organisations to benefit local communities and support people to live healthier lives.